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Development of enterprise

Xilaiya enterprises, founded in 1998, formerly known as chuangmei trading co。, LTD。, later renamed as hilai chuangmei cosmetics co。, LTD。 With French bush raya international group (Hong Kong) co。, LTD。, guangzhou harp ya cosmetics co。, LTD, and create beauty beauty products co。, LTD。, sea pearl of Marine biological technology co。, LTD。, Qingdao create beauty health management co。, LTD。, five branches。 Enterprises have a first-class management team, and excellent professional team, to follow the pace of The Times development innovation。 Bush raya enterprise's bid to host the "medicine cure no。。。




Contact: Qingdao Xilai Ya a US Beauty Products Co。

Tel: 400-661-3889

Phone: 15865592860

Add: Fuzhou Road, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, No. 135 tripod Mansion.

Brands: Ou Xianni show Xilai Ya Fei

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